Bluestacks Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is an ultimate game in which an amazing new world awaits for you to role-play the game adventure. It is a story that reverberates and an enormous role play game Princess Connect is worldwide available now, an epic title that covers Japan and China with its tremendous success. It’s an exciting collaboration between Crunchyroll Games, Cygames, and fun plex. It has an exciting cinematic and a wonderful story told through elegant animation. This game has real-time battles with adorable heroines. You just have to select your favourite characters and form an excellent team. You can also strengthen your characters by levelling them up and arming them with new weapons. In this game, you are able to unlock new story contents but growing your bond with the heroines. It’s also been vocalized by your favourite actresses like Pecorine (VA: M•A•O) Kokkoro (VA: Miku Ito) Karyl (VA: Rika Tachibana) Yui (VA: Risa Taneda) Hiyori (VA: Nao Toyama) Rei (VA: Saori Hayami) Hatsune (VA: Ayaka Ohashi) Miyako (VA: Sora Amamiya) Maho (VA: Maaya Uchida) and its main theme composition is Kohei Tanaka. It has approximately 100,000+ downloads worldwide and size of 49.12 MB which is easy to load on every device. The In-App purchase is ₹85.00 – ₹6,900.00 per item.

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BlueStacks Brain Wash – Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game

BrainWash-Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game is an amazing game and gets ready to be sharp! It’s time to Exercise your mind and logic with this game. Has your brain ever asked you questions like – are you exhausted in following the regulations? or do you want some new ideas and unique ways of thinking? or a fresh start for your loaded brain? But you might have failed in answering it. Now no worries here we have bought you this wonderful game which has proved helpful in sharpening your brain and making it smarter. This is an innovative and creative way of making your brain sharp and free from usual works. This unordinary and amazing jigsaw puzzle game is a fascinating way that will help you in thinking differently and solving really interesting tasks. From searching a cat’s owner to helping a prisoner to escape, from fixing a cassette tape to identifying a baby’s father you will find many more unpredictable and fun tasks that will boost up your brain. You won’t feel tedious as it has 100 absorbing levels and it is user-friendly too so that users can clasp the concept quickly. It also has amazing game tools and it gives you cheering and motivating feeling as you play on. Each puzzle won’t take much longer to be solved as it is so engrossing.

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BlueStacks Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi is one of the most entertaining and adventurous games which comes with amazing graphics. It also helps you to maximize your gaming experience through their thriller gaming levels. It is an intense platformer that is assorted with RPG elements. The main character of this game is Arashi which is a former legendary ninja who wants to get back their son from the devil Orochi. In this game, You will get tough competition from enemies through their deadly weapons, and in this game, you can only grow when you have the ability to survive the trap. This game also allows you to upgrade your power and ability by using the collected rewards and Diamonds. This Amazing game arrives with 3 different maps with more than 40 different interesting levels. The handling of this game is more conventional which you can easily control even in a hazardous situation. This game also allows you to purchase various costumes for your warrior Arashi in return to gold and diamond. The interface of this game is designed by a team of professionals that serves you with all thrilling effects in an offline mode. It is a totally free game so you can easily download it on your PC. It is available in offline mode and you don’t require an internet connection to enjoy it.

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Bluestacks Potion Punch 2: Fantasy Cooking Adventures

Potion Punch 2: Fantasy Cooking Adventures is an amazing adventure cooking game for all users of Windows-based Operating systems. This game allows you to play as a traveling shopkeeper and perform shop assortments through a magic restaurant. In this game, you will able to find all the new and exciting cooking games as we go further in its chapters. It also permits you to discover a new way of play in each location into a vast kingdom. You can easily combine different ingredients in a dash to cook delicious food and create several magic items. This game helps you to test your cooking skills among various compulsive levels, restaurants, and several gaming modes. In this game, you can easily win the hearts of your customers and convert them into patrons. You can simply unlock all the new adventures in the Kingdom through new amazing parties. This application also makes you able to decorate and design your shops to increase your popularity in each location. To survive in this game you can regularly upgrade your cooking equipment.

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Bluestacks Number Puzzle – Classic Number Games – Num Riddle

Number Puzzle – Classic Number Games – Num Riddle is a powerful game where you can test your logical abilities by enjoying an amazing puzzle challenge. This is one of the most widely popular puzzle games available for your PC. It will serves you a beautiful interface where you can enjoy and have fun. In this game, you have to use your knowledge of mathematical operations and you also have to go through with simple rules of the game in order to solve the difficult puzzles. It will also serves you different mini-games that you can easily play with this game. You can also inspect different levels of puzzles as per your needs and requirements and enjoy the ultimate game play of this game. It is the best game especially for kids who want to enhance strong mathematical logical skills. It helps them to maximize their mathematical knowledge and operational feature of the puzzles. This game is currently available for all of PC that are working on windows based operating system.

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Bluestacks Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash!

Beat Blader 3D: Dash and Slash! is an ultimate 3D gaming application for all PC users. It helps you to spend your holidays in a joyful way and make an adventure gaming experience with a challenging journey. You can easily choose your favourite song and select beat blader characters and a destroying weapon to play this amazing game. In this game, you will just swipe right or left to avoid obstacles and the cubes to finish the Rhythm Road. This game comes with various fantastic characters of beat blader and a wide range of incredible sabers. You can easily maximize your gaming experience through its impressive 3D graphics animation with the effect of neon lights that enhance the glowing effect with the beat. It also provides more than 3000 new and hot songs of all categories like Hip Hop, POP, KPOP, EDM with a proper gaming environment. You can easily get different interesting sound effects on slashing the cubes which help you to create new remix audio for your favoUrite songs. It is designed by a team of professionals so has a thrilling and attractive interface. It always tries the best options and introduces new interesting features to bring a whole new music experience ever.

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Bluestacks Car Games 2021 : Car Racing Free Driving Games

Car Games 2021 : Car Racing Free Driving Games is one of the most popular and attractive car racing games that you can easily enjoy completely offline on your Android smartphone. This game arrives with new and updated car models that you can simply drive and become the number one racer of the racing track. It also gives you the challenging car racing missions where you have to defeat your competitor and become the best player on the track. This game will provide you an adventurous and interesting journey of raising where you can handle each and every aspect of racing car from customization to all of the moments on the track. It also gives your drag racing mode where you can enjoy car racing free driving and experience more action on the go. This game really requires a better driving skills to become the king of the game. You can also update your sports car and customize its various body parts in order to make it the most powerful racing machine. This game also serves you the option to set manual or auto controls as per your preference. You can also get coins and fuel cans in order to grab treasures for you. It also serves you the opportunity to enjoy your game with different camera angles and you can turn them easily within the game. Continue reading

Bluestacks Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is one of the finest mind-calming games that you can play on your computer system. In this game, you have to explore, shoot, destroy, freeze, or send the power of God to the buddy character that you will detect within the game. It is the best game that will help you to get comfort from your stress by enjoying the fun gameplay. This game comes with realistic Physics in order to give you a better gaming experience. It can be easily played on any Windows operating system. This amazing game is also available in different languages which will make it accessible for users from different places to enjoy the game in their own native language. It will also serve you smooth and precise gaming controls with which you can correctly control every aspect of the game. This game arrives with high-quality graphics and animations to enhance your gaming experience. You can also enjoy the amazing background sound to stay stress-free while playing the game. This is one of the best games for relaxing your mind and unleashing your creative skills.

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Bluestacks Head Ball 2

Head ball 2 is one of the most challenging and competitive soccer games ever created. You can enjoy playing the game on your android based devices. In this game, you have to connect with millions of players in the competition of soccer. You have to participate and compete against players in leagues and show your skills to secure a top rank on the ladder. This game will give you the thrill of online matches where you can display your skills and become the MVP of the tournament. In this amazing game, you will also get lots of accessories to get your unique combination. This will help you stand out from the crowd. In this awesome game, you will get many opportunities to boost up your position on the leaderboard. This game arrives with 3 different superpowers that you can unlock by assembling coins and use them during your matches to create your opponent off guard. It will also provide you various gaming modes where you can and appreciate a unique career mode to advancement your way and unlock special bonuses accessories and characters. This game will give you a chance to maximize your fan base by attaining supporters after each win. You can also unlock new stadiums to fit your ever-growing supporters. Continue reading

BlueStacks Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a widely played 3v3 multiplayer Battle game that you can easily enjoy on your Android devices. This application offers you the ability to play with friends or solo with a variety of gaming modes. You can easily select your favourite mode with its simple and easy to use user interface. It has a gaming mode of Gam Grab in which you can collect 10 gems to win among your opponent’s. You can also select a solo mode where you have to fight to survive. Store the power-ups and when continuously in order to survive in the Battle. This is an amazing game that helps you to enhance your gaming experience with its ultimate animation and graphic effects. You can get an additional feature of synchronization by which you can synchronize your gameplay on other devices. In this multiplayer Battle game, you can also upgrade and unlock your brawlers by collecting power points. This game provides you the ability to Battle against worldwide players. You can also climb to the top of the leaderboards in your region and hold the topmost ranking. It also allows you to join or start your separate club with your teammates or friends and have a great battle together.

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