BlueStacks Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game

Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game is a prison simulation game in which your role will be as a prison tycoon. In this game you will be provided with an opportunity to become a rich reforming prisoner around the world by holding the reins of the business in the prison. Work hard to make your reputation grow by starting running a small low security prison. You can easily convert your modest jail into a high security prison by improving every single detail with the most dangerous prisoners from all over the world under control. Try to expand your business with minimal internal conflicts by taking the proper decisions and dealing with the needs of your facilities. The modifications you can do to your basic prison to convert it into a high security prison are customise the administration department, improve the cell’s ventilation, provide security equipment to the guards and enlarge the prison yard. Your main focus has to be on the staff selection because they are the one who will be taking care of every part of your prison which includes doctors, janitors, office workers, builders, guards and kitchen personnel. By controlling riots and fighting, you can maintain a good reputation in your prison. Download this prison Tycoon game at free of cost.

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BlueStacks Ninja Dash Run – Epic Arcade Offline Games 2020

Do you want to become a part Japanese ninja adventures? Want to play ninja fighting games without having data connection? Then what are you waiting for. Ninja Dash Run – Epic Arcade Offline Games 2020 is available on all the app stores. In this adventurous game you have to run for your life and kill the demons in your way simply by clicking or swiping your blade. Improve your timing for a perfect kill. Be a killing machine, make kill streaks and score more. This game can be played both online and offline to entertain you even when you are low on data. This game may seem to be very simple at first but very hard to master. You can collect the coins and gems to improve your scores. It has simple and handy controls, you just have to jump to avoid the attacks by demons and tap or swipe to kill them. This is basically a run jump arcade game in which you have to defeat different types of enemies like demons, Devils, Epic Bosses. Keep upgrading your weapons to win the battle against your enemies. You can also use different ninja characters by unlocking those using coins and gems. Start your adventure now and recover sushi. Continue reading

BlueStacks Math Puzzle – Rise up and Brain Out your mind IQ

Math Puzzle – Rise up and Brain Out your mind is a fabulous game that enhance your brain power. This game help you to improve your memory skills with quick brain teasers and riddles. Math puzzle is designed for everyone from kids to adults it is based on principle of psychology to help you practice mental skills. It enhance your memory power attention speed of solving problem reaction concentration and logic. This game consists puzzle games with different levels and the best part of this game is that you can enjoy this game with your friend with the help of the multiplayer function in this game. Help you to quickly develop your memory and attention power within an efficient training time. It is simple and easy process of playing and it is available without internet connection also. this game helps student and kids master the basics of mathematics and arithmetic and others who want to keep their mental strength we all know that brain teasers does not require special knowledge so that everyone can improve their brain function through the effective brain riddles and puzzles. The developers of this game read all reviews and always try to make the game better. Continue reading

BlueStacks Idle Miner Tycoon: Mine and Money Clicker Management

Simulation games are very easy to find but it’s hard to choose a better option and if you are looking for one of the best simulation games, Idle Miner Tycoon: Mine and Money Clicker Management is developed for you. This app is basically a gold mining app. You have to start your career and at superior levels you can be the business tycoon. Be a successful gold digger and become the richest men. Manage and expand your business using your strategies to earn and become the best. This app is an offline simulation game so that you can continue your mining experience when you do not have active internet connection. You can switch to automatic mode anytime to skip intro and stories. To become rich, make investment and get back profit. You can hire employees to boost up your business. Buy 20+ mines at higher levels and manage them to become a rich capitalist. You can mine up to 15 resources that makes it more wide and hard to manage. Overall these awesome features make this app the best simulation app over the internet. Install it and become rich in this simulation world. Continue reading

BlueStacks Free Bike Stunt 3D Bike Racing Games – Bike Game

Bored of the normal racing games and want to play something new and fascinating? Then, Free Bike Stunt 3D Bike Racing Games – Bike Game is a perfect game for you. In this game you will find some amazing features and eye catching HD graphics and stunning gameplay. What makes it different from other games is, it is a stunt bike game on impossible tracks which makes it even more challenging and amazing for you to play. One of its best features is that you can race with anyone all over the world and can secure your name on the leaderboard. Defeating top players will make it easy for you to get your name on the top leaderboard. Controls have been made easy so that anyone can easily play this game but the challenges in this game are not that easy. With heavy motorbikes and dirt bikes you can test your bike riding skills and enter into the new world of racing and stunts. So, what are you waiting for? Download Free Bike Stunt 3D Bike Racing Games – Bike Game now and start performing stunts and challenge new players from all over the world.

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BlueStacks Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults

Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults is a perfect game for you if you are looking for escape room games. This game will turn out to be a challenging one for you. You have to put mind effort and time into playing this game. To reveal the logic puzzles you have to search the escape rooms for hidden objects. Answer the tricky riddles and solve mind puzzles to crack the code. You will find many other different brain teasers while playing this game. If you can’t crack the code, in that case you can use the hint feature which will help you in cracking the code providing you some certain hints. This Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults does not cost anything and you can download it from any app store. You will find that this game has beautiful graphics and hidden objects in escape rooms are totally animated. To kill boredom, this escape game is one of the best that you can play by yourself. I can also compete with your friends. So gather your friends and start playing this challenging game.

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BlueStacks Energy: Anti Stress Loops

Feeling low in body energy or your body battery is fading, then Energy: Anti Stress Loops is the perfect gaming application for you to burst your stress, recharge your body and boost it to maximum efficiency. Energy: Anti Stress Loops will help you to get a concentration in line and I will also help you to calm your anxiety. This game comes with a simple gameplay in which you just have to tap the lines to rotate them to make a closed loop. Many people have mentioned this game as a great way to relax their mind and get better, especially the people with OCD issues. To fight OCD and anxiety, clearing a couple of levels per day will be enough. This is a smart brain teaser game with endless minimalist brain teasers which will help in improving your concentration, relax your soul and also boost your logic skills. To illuminate a circuit, it will take less than 20 seconds. The energy you will get from this will illuminate the creative side of your brain and will be very satisfying. This game is easy to play, you can play it anywhere whether you are waiting for the flight at the airport or you are on the moving bus.

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BlueStacks Duskwood – Crime & Investigation Detective Story

Do you really wish to be a detective? Want to solve mysteries and solve amazing cases? Then Duskwood – Crime & Investigation Detective Story game is for you. Imagine a girl child goes missing and mysterious powers around the small village duskwood are active. It’s a really small village surrounded by dark forest. Villagers say the forest is very scary and mysterious. Any of the newcomers can easily get lost in the forest. Now you have to solve the mystery and save the girl child named hannah. It’s really an interactive story and you have to give your best to solve the mystery and find the girl. Investigate this amazing case, find clues, talk with villagers and others and solve in game mysterious puzzles. To avoid more time consumption, make good decisions. While in the game interact with your friends using the chat option. You can invite new friends and make a new crew or you can join others crew too. But while choosing people, have a good sense or you will choose the wrong ones in your team. This game is really amazing and in addition ever byte regularly updates the game for more fun. With over 10, 00,000+ downloads, this game is really the first choice of mystery lovers. To all the detectives, download this game and play this exciting game and find the hidden suspense on your own.

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BlueStacks Dude Theft Wars: Open World Sandbox Simulator Beta

Dude Theft Wars: Open World Sandbox Simulator Beta is an open world sandbox game, where a dude named Jack gets bored of his normal life and finds that life can be much more fun. Catch all the action in First person mode in 3D graphics. In this you can do pretty much everything like free roaming around the towns, parks and fields, buy insane weapons including AK47, SMG, REVOLVER, SHOTGUNS from weapon shops. Drive any car you want like RAMP CAR, MONSTER TRUCK, Rc CARS. Alien UFO, SKATEBOARD, DragSter, QuadCars, and Karts or drive a shopping cart around the town. This game features hundreds of people with ragdoll effects and fun AI, doing logically impossible stunts just for fun with ragdolls and cars. You have your own smartphone in the game, use it to order brand new cars and stuff. Explore every corner of the city and building and find out all the hidden secrets and Easter eggs. Be the best version of yourself that you have always wanted to be. Be a hardcore gangster or become the friendliest man that have ever lived on Earth. Download and install the game and stay tuned for future updates like new cities, modified and many types of vehicles (boats, helicopters, and airplanes). Continue reading

BlueStacks Day of Fighters – Kung Fu Warriors

If you desire to play amazing and stunning graphics and gameplay then you must try Day of Fighters. An early warning before you start, you will not be able to resist yourself to play this game after you try it. Day of Fighters has an ultimate combination of different fighting styles and different games which will give you an amazing gameplay experience. The fighting styles present in the game are karate, wrestling and martial arts. To start fighting choose your player and your opponent, and the battle begins. In the show your moves, block your opponent, and win the match. To win the match and get easy wins, always try to attack the weakness of your opponent, drain your opponent’s health fast and knock him down. Every match you will play and every match you win will bring coins which you can use to upgrade your character and purchase in store. As you progress in the game, enhance your skills, speed up your moves and increase your accuracy to become strong and the ultimate winner. If you wanted to fight and then download Day of Fighters. Continue reading