BlueStacks DEVICE 6

BluestacksThere is an online adventures game is available which is based on the text. It is known as DEVICE 6. This game developed by Swedish game developer Simogo. They developed this game for iOS devices. Text images and sound are used by this game to guide the player. You have to pass through a set of puzzles. You are on an unknown island you have to escape from there. To escape you have to solve all the puzzles. This game is a single player game so you have to survive on the island without anyone. The genre of this game is Interactive fiction and mainly text in gameplay. Player has to swipes the screen to move through or to view the story again. You should get a text which is available into branches of certain points in the game. In this game, the character is Anna who wakes up on an island. She. have no idea about how she got there. She only remembers about an unpleasant doll. You have to read, listen and peek into three-dimensional photographs and solve the puzzle. This is not going to too easy to solve all the mysteries of DEVICE 6. This game will challenge your mental ability. This game can be download in iOS devices. This game was launch in oct. 2013.

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Download DEVICE 6 via BlueStacks

  1. Launch Chrome and Download BlueStacks.
  2. Now login with your play store account or create one.
  3. Search for DEVICE 6 and download.

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