BlueStacks Fortnite

BluestacksFortnite is one of the most streamed game these days, this is a product of Epic Games, Fortnite was a simple game which did not receive any interest at first with its basic gameplay but as it introduced its new Battle Royale Mode, it was an instant success. Let’s get right into the gameplay, you start off with 100 other players in a Battle Bus which flies around the battleground, All you have is a Pick Axe which you can use to harvest resources like cut trees or break rocks or buildings. You have to find weapons along the way and pick shield potions to boost up your shield, the characters are non realistic and the game has a cartoonish touch which makes it stand apart from all other games with similar concept. You have to fight your way to be the last person standing, if you’re in a squad then your squad or then remaining members can be the ones. Another thing that is great is unlike other games you don’t just have to shoot and kill but in Fortnite you have to build and defend yourself at the same time which is quite hard.

Now you can play this awesome mobile game on your PC, with BlueStacks this is one of the best Android emulators that you can download on your PC or Mac to play all the Android games on your PC. The best thing is you will be competing against other mobile gamers and they won’t know you are playing on a PC, this gives you an advantage as you will have a bigger wider screen to see and your process is much better than theirs so your game is not going to lag at all.

Download Fortnite via BlueStacks.

  • Open your preferred browser and Download BlueStacks.
  • Once successfully installed you can launch BlueStacks and search for Fortnite.
  • Download Fortnite and you can start playing it with other mobile users.

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