BlueStacks Lords Mobile

BluestacksIf you love action packed RPG games then you’re gonna love Lords Mobile, this is a free to play game developed and published by IGG, it is available for both Android and iOS devices and already has over 65 millions players who play this from all over the world, this online multiplayer game has several modes and the most commonly used it the PVP battles, in this players have to build their own base from ground up and build an army to attack other players and capture their bases along with their resources, there are also KVK which is Kingdom War. It also has other modes like Hero Stages, Colosseum and The Labyrinth, Lords Mobile playing requires constant tactical and strategy thinking to know which heroes to take into battle and what equipment to wear, all this is also pointless if you are unable to take quick decisions according to the situations. Lords Mobile has over 40 characters/heroes which are divided into different categories like strong, intelligent, agile. Every character has a unique skill of his own.

Now you can play Lords Mobile on your PC or Laptop and still play with other mobile players by downloading BlueStacks which is an emulator which allows you to play all Android games on your Mac or PC. The benefits of playing such online multiplayer mobile games on your PC are amazing, first you have a much bigger screen so more room to see clearly, on top of that you have a much better processor than a mobile device so unlike your smartphone your PC isn’t going to lag when you play.

Download Lords Mobile via BlueStacks.

  1. Boot up your PC.
  2. Make sure you’re connected to a Wifi.
  3. Open Chrome and Download BlueStacks for PC.
  4. Once downloaded you can login with your play store account and download Lord Mobile.
  5. Now you can play Lords Mobile on your PC.

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