BlueStacks New York Mysteries 2 (free to play)

New York Mysteries 2 (free to play) is one of the most popular adventure games where you have to play the role of a Fearless journalist to investigate strange murders taking place in New York City. This game will provide you with the real-life mystery-solving experience where you have to solve the mystery of a dangerous criminal surrounded by lightning. In this game, you have to find hidden objects in order to solve the puzzles and mini-games that tell about mysterious events that took place in the fifties. This game will provide you with more than 50 stunning location that you can explore and have the real adventure you can also complete more than 40 different mini-games which come up with this ultimate adventure game. You can also challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes where you have to use your logical thinking capabilities in order to find out the hidden objects and then to use them to solve the mean puzzle. You can assemble collections, gather morphing objects and green achievements while playing this game. This game is specially optimised to enjoy on your tablets and mobile phones that are working on Android operating systems.

Are you still searching for the best method to run your favourite mobile games on your PC? If yes then BlueStacks is the perfect solution. It is an emulator app which is currently trending on the internet. It provides you with instant facilities to download your favourite mobile apps from Play Store and then you can run them on your PC. You can also enjoy additional facilities such as hardware-accelerated graphics which allows you to take your gaming on the next level.

How to Download New York Mysteries 2 (free to play) on your PC?

  • Unlock your the PC and make sure that it is properly configured to the nearest Wi-Fi network.
  • Then Download BlueStacks and install it by agreeing to all of its terms and conditions within your computer system.
  • Now open the simulator and Download New York Mysteries 2 (free to play).
  • Once downloaded install this amazing game and have fun with its adventerous gameplay.

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