BlueStacks Pokemon GO

BluestacksPokemon GO is a new Pokemon game is an AR mobile game, this is developed and published by Niantic and is available for both iOS and Android devices. This game made everyone want to play it as with this you could see Pokemons and catch them all yourself and there is no role playing game where you control the character to do all this but here you are the Pokemon master who can catch them all yourself. This game is not available in every country but the developers are working on it and if you’re unable to download it soon it will be made available. Pokemon GO uses GPS and the camera app as you can see Pokemons through your Camera and the best thing is that it is so detailed that if its a garden or a grass area you will find grass type Pokemons there, if there’s a pond, lake or river you can find water type pokemons there and so on. This is unlike any Pokemon game you have ever played, and as teenagers don’t get out of their house, this game makes them want to go out and explore the world to catch different Pokemons.

Now get BlueStacks on your PC or Mac if you want to play any Android games on your device but are unable to find a way to download them, BlueStacks is an emulator which lets you get all those great apps and games on your PC so you can enjoy them even if you don’t have a smartphone, mobile gamers also download BlueStacks on their PC just to get an upper hand while playing mobile games so they can get easy wins.

Download Pokemon GO via BlueStacks for PC.

  • First make sure your device is connected to a nearby Wifi.
  • Now Open Chrome and Download BlueStacks.
  • Once downloaded you can run the emulator and download Pokemon GO.
  • Enjoy playing Pokemon GO on your PC.

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