BlueStacks PUBG Mobile

BluestacksOne of the top grossing games in today’s date is PUBG Mobile which is getting so popular that it has become the topic on every social media site, this is an action packed FPS game where you are fighting against other players to become the last man standing, PUBG is short for Players Unknown Battlegrounds. This online multiplayer game was first released for Microsoft Windows via Steam in 2017 when the game was still in beta testing mode, later it was introduced to Xbox and a few months later it was released by Tencent Games which made a mobile version for both Android and iOS users to play. Now let’s jump into the gameplay, you can play Classic or Arcade mode one is a mach of 30 minutes and Arcade mode and different matches which include quick Match which is an 8 minute match, a Sniper training mode which is roughly 15 minutes, Mini Zone which has 100 players like the Classic match but it shorts the zone quite fast forcing the players to fight and survive at a faster rate and the latest mode which came with the recent update is the War mode in which players land with their weapons and the fight starts instantly.

If you play PUBG Mobile on a mobile device then you are depended on your skills entirely to win the match and many problems could occur while playing on a mobile device like someone calls you up or the smartphone is unable to take such load so it starts to lag, well with BlueStacks you can get over those issues when you play with other mobile players but you are on your PC or Mac, this app is like an emulator which allows you to play mobile games on your PC without all those smartphone issues.

Download PUBG Mobile via BlueStacks

  • Start up your PC.
  • Make sure you are connected to a Wifi network.
  • Open your preferred web browser and Download BlueStacks.
  • Once successfully downloaded run the app and download PUBG Mobile.
  • Now you can play PUBG Mobile and get that chicken dinner every single time you play.

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