BlueStacks The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is a great story game that you can play, it has now released its Season 5 also. This game is basically that you have to make decisions for the character you are playing. You are in a comic fictional world where you were being taken in a police car and you noticed something unusual was happening before you could figure out a zombie comes in front of the car and the car crashes in the valley. When you wake up you notice that the cop is dead and there are zombies that are coming towards you, from where the game starts and you have to play accordingly, you have to take decisions as everything there is a choice to make you will have options that you could choose and any time there will be a time frame that you have to choose an option fast. You have to survive in the game and as you meet new people you have to build your trust. This game has been awarded many times because of its unique gameplay and format.

Now you can download The Walking Dead on your PC via BlueStacks, this is a great Android emulator that you can use to play any Android game right on your PC. You can download BlueStacks for free and it comes filled with tons of features, like you don’t have to look for another software to assign those on-screen controls to your keyboard and mouse so you could play these game with ease, BlueStacks does it all for you and new games are added every day to the store for you to download and play on your PC.

Download BlueStacks to play The Walking Dead on PC.

  • Boot up your PC and make sure you have stable internet connectivity.
  • Now Open your preferred web browser and Download BlueStacks.
  • Run BlueStacks and search for The Walking Dead and download the game.
  • It will take some time as this game is pretty big.
  • Once downloaded you can start playing The Walking Dead and enjoy.

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