BlueStacks Demolition Derby Car Crash Stunt Racing Games 2020

If you have the courage to enter the track which is no less than a battlefield, where you know you have to survive the car crashes then play this game which will give you goose bumps while you play. This game has beautiful and stunning graphics which will blow your mind and make you addicted to this game. In the arena no one is so friend or brother everyone has only one aim, destroy others and win the battle. Some tips which will help you to win the game are always try to crush your opponent’s car from the sides, always avoid crashing from the front as it will cause serious damage to your car as well, do not turn your engine and avoid taking damage. To test your driving skills the game has designed hurdles, turns and twists which will test you in every manner. To show your skills properly the game has intuitive controls which are simple to learn. So be fearless and pick up your phone and install this game in your phone and enjoy the amazing game play. Continue reading

BlueStacks Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War, Twisted Battle 2020

Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War, Twisted Battle 2020 is a car shooting war game. Every car available in this game is fully customizable. You can do anything with that car whether it is adding camouflage and some colors to make your car look more deadly and stylish or you can also add different military grade weapons and abilities according to your combat style on them. Varieties of cars are available from muscle, SUV and vans to sedan, mini and sports car. You can choose any car from them and customize it according to your need. Varieties of weapons are also available from light military weapons to high grade military weapons, AP projectiles, missiles and machine guns. Choose any weapon according to your skills and tactics. You can customise your car with sports suspension to improve the speed of your car, 6 wheels or SUV suspension to make a car compatible for off-road, or select steel robotic spider limbs and tank tracks to increase maneuverability of your car. You can perform different actions like nitro boost for tactical manoeuvres, become invisible to attack from ambush or wear energy shields for better defense. You can change the tide of battle and cross enemy’s cars out from arena by just choosing the right abilities at the right time. You can also challenge different players from all over the world in PvP action mode and defeat them with your metallic beast.

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BlueStacks Sniper Kill Shooter: Free Gun Strike Shooting 3D

Sniper Kill Shooter: Free Gun Strike Shooting 3D is known to be the best sniper FPS firing game. If you want to pass the time, then this is the best and free sniper 3D gun shooter game full of thrill and action in offline gun shooting games. This game will give you a great experience of gameplay and awesome 3D graphics and thrilling missions. In this game there are different missions available like executing the terrorists which are blocking the road and defending the civilians from gangsters by killing them. In hostage mode you have to save hostages from gangsters and terrorists by executing them with your sniper from long range. Level up in this game to unlock new rifles and upgrade them to increase their power and reload speed. You can also buy different skins for sniper rifles to make them look more deadly and awesome. This game has different modes like story mode, survival mode and hostage mode. Mystery mod you have to play according to the story line and accomplish missions. In Survival mode you can select any of these stages and execute as many as enemies you can. In hostage mode you have to save hostages from gangsters. It is a fabulous game with attractive graphics and user-friendly interface.

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BlueStacks Reign of Empires – Epic Battle Tactics RTS Game

Reign of Empires – Epic Battle Tactics RTS Game is a tactical war defence game in which you have to conquer civilizations by building your empire. While building your civilizations as one of the eight great Nations, conquer the kingdoms on the way. Wage war against enemy Nations and develop you civilization. From your civilization’s history, you can collect national treasures. Grow and manage your resources to belt your civilization from the Bronze Age to the modern era. To test your army’s might against other players, battle lords and kingdoms in PvP matches. You will be given 8 civilizations and you can choose any one from it. Those 8 civilizations are China, India, Rome, Korea, Japan, Egypt, England or other. In order to launch the war of domination on your enemies, you have to build your civilization faster than your opponents. You have to build your civilization through three major ages which includes Bronze Age, middle age and modern age. It takes too much time and effort to reach modern age because it is the last stage and the best one where you will get to see varieties of weapons and artillery. In this game you can also ally with different great leaders in order to conquer your enemies. So what are you waiting for? Download this game and conquer the world.

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BlueStacks Ramp Car Stunts Free Crazy Car: New Car Games 2020

Ramp Car Stunts Free Crazy Car: New Car Games 2020 is a powerful car stunt game. You will love this most addictive offline game in a ramp car stunt free crazy car driving. If you are a fan of mega ramp car stunts racing games and want to have a realistic experience with endless racing over impossible tracks then this Ramp Car Stunts Free Crazy Car: New Car Games 2020 is perfect for you. This game supports various features and offers three types of controls like tilt steering and buttons to operate your vehicle. This game is fully loaded with nitro boost for enhancing the speed of several camera angles to make good driving skills. It is easy to play and free to download. Controls of this car stunt car game are way smoother than other games it gives you and ultimate car driving experience with narrow and sharp impossible tracks. This game will thrill you to its various stages and exciting twists and turns. Download this free game and play with friends. Continue reading

BlueStacks Muscle Car Stunts you 2020: Mega Ramp Stunt Car Games

Muscle Car Stunts 2020: Mega Ramp Stunt Car Games is a fabulous game presented by mustard game studios. This gaming includes many interesting features with newly added different gameplay modes. There are many cars available from which you can perform your stunts but before that you have to unlock those cars by reaching the higher levels. You can also customise your cars in the garage. In this game you can race on multiple obstacles and ramps and can perform jumps and stunts. By using your muscle car, complete all the missions one by one to reach the higher level and unlock different new missions and cars. In this game you will drive your vehicle on twists and cover tracks which will give you a realistic feeling of a car racing. In this game you will see different sign boards to control the speed and acceleration of a car to avoid any mistakes. You can select different cars of your choice like sports racing muscle car and classic muscle car. Multiple finish points are provided in this game which takes your gaming experience to a whole new level. These points include ship ports, airports, desert and stadium. Play this game daily to earn coin gifts in daily rewards which will further help you in upgrading your muscle car.

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BlueStacks Left to Survive: Zombie Survival PvP Shooting Game

Left to Survive: Zombie Survival PvP Shooting Game is an action game in which zombies have enslaved the earth and we have to defend the earth from them. Humans are running for their lives, earth is no longer what it used to be. Hordes of zombies are roaming freely everywhere and the world is teeming with the undead, there is no place left to run or hide. Only thing you can do is fight against zombies. By shooting up all the zombies become the hero of this post-apocalyptic reality. A huge range of weapons and gears are available in this game from which you can select any weapon and gear of your choice and protect the earth from zombies. You can upgrade your weapons and gear to make your hero more powerful and deadly to the zombies. All the heroes in this game used to be just normal and ordinary people. Every hero has its distinct skills and ability which makes them different from each other. It is the duty of heroes to defend the world from zombies. You can become the best shooter among other players by challenging them in PvP matches. You can also join different clans in order to get back up support. In this game you have to build a new home in order to make the future bright. Continue reading

BlueStacks Karate King Fighting Games: Super Kung Fu Fight

Karate King Fighting Games: Super Kung Fu Fight is a new karate game launched in 2020 which provides you realistic ninja combat gaming experience. Here you will get to play the toughest kick fighting game against Pro legends fighting champ. In this game you have to fight against the world daring super fighters as a shadow karate fighter. In this game you get to learn how to fight hand to hand, unarmed, with your kicks and punches. Defeat different super anime fighters to prove yourself as a powerful ninja master. Improve your skills and level up in this game. Unlock different new ninja characters which are more powerful, strong and deadly from previous ones. This is also a mind game where you have to find cleverly using different tactics like super punches, kicks, punches, flip kicks and super kicks. You can also use the combination of these tactics to create a new deadly offensive action. Complete different challenges to level up yourself in this game. Background music and sound effects gives you a whole new experience in this ninja fighting game. In order to unlock new characters fast, you can watch videos regarding videos and earn coins from them. And from those reward coins you can buy new characters faster. Karate King Fighting Games: Super Kung Fu Fight game is a virus free and safe game to download on your device. Continue reading

BlueStacks Exile Survival – Survive to fight the Gods again

Exile Survival – Survive to fight the Gods again is a survival game in which the world is ruined when the ruthless gods unleashed their bloody massacre on each other. People who survived this battle now have to live with devastating results of this battle. Civilizations wiped out, towns and cities reduced to bare wastelands and life is thrown back to its ancient form. Your role in this game is of a lone exile who is banished from his tribe and family in order to battle his way for survival. This game offers you a unique way of getting new weapons and armours. Now you can craft any weapon or armour you need at the moment. This is a free world game in which you can explore new locations and can gather resources to craft different things. In this game you don’t have to wait for a lucky drop, everything is in your hands. In this game you have to fight your best for survival or die at the hands of your enemies. This game is basically the combination of story and survival mode in which you have to Survive as the story goes on. To become stronger, you can build your own base and turn it into a real fortress. Continue reading

BlueStacks Dawn of Zombies – Survival after the Last War Online

Dawn of Zombies – Survival after the Last War Online is an online survival game in a world full of zombies. In this game people are left to survive against fanatical mutants, aberrations, zombies, radiation, hunger and disease. You have to get through the deadly frost and withering heat it as a natural born survivalist. Zombies tend to come out at night that is why territories become much more dangerous during night. In this game there are many characters which you will come through and thousands of quests. Whenever your health is low you can restore it, buy food and shelter for free. This game gives you a great experience with its realistic graphics and lightning. To make your enemies burn and bleed, you can use elementally infused weapons. You can get new weapons and elementally infused weapons from scientists and the military by communicating and trading with them. You can also unlock different unique weapons and skins by clearing different levels of this game or you can get those weapons in quests. This game has many modes including story mode and survival mode. You can easily change the controls from the settings according to your comfort. Dawn of Zombies – Survival after the Last War Online is a virus free and safe game which you can download from any app store. Continue reading