Tinder for PC

Tinder is the best ever dating application ever created for the Android platform. It is the world’s most popular application that allows you to date with your partner. This application provides you with an attractive user interface which will entertain you. Here you will have the direct option to expand your social network and meet locals whenever you travel at any distance. This application gives you the option to search the partner and view the profile of any person that you want and then you have the feature to chat with them and make your conversation more interesting. You can also set off the date with them and enjoy your next partner. This application provides you with the best and accurate result and it is also used by millions of user on the daily basis so it is the most trusted application and all of your details will be completely secured with the encryption method within this app. So you don’t have to worry about any security risk at this application. It will give you the chance to meet new people and make a new friend every day. You can easily search any person on this application on the basis of location so that you can find the friends that have the same area in which you stay so overall this is the best application for the users who want to make new friends and expand their social reaches. Continue reading

Sniper vs Thieves for PC

Sniper vs Thieves is a popular game for Android platforms that can be easily played on your smartphones and tablets. It is a real-time PVP Battle game in which you have to play the game as the group of snipers or you can also select the thieves and you have to eliminate your opponent by shooting them and taking the perfect headshot. You have to protect your cash as the Sniper and Thieves should be intended to steal the cash from you by defeating you in the battles. You need to coordinate with your team members in order to successfully eliminate each and everything and protect your cash from being stolen. It will provide you to different unique ways to play the game. It has four gaming modes that you can enjoy without any type of interruptions. You have advanced weapons that you can select according to your choice and many of them will be unlocked later as you progress in the game. It will provide you with different costumes for the group of thieves and snipers as well. It has buttery smooth navigation controls to which allows the easy play of the game. Continue reading

Shadow Fight 3 for PC

Shadow Fight 3 is the most popular game nowadays and it has the best rating on the play store in comparison to other games.  It has the best quality graphics which is used to attract more users towards them. In this, the gaming company provide their users with new interesting players which they choose and enjoy the game by playing. In shadow fight 3 we introduced to new challenges which are tough but have a greater fun to clear them and in this new version new impressive weapons are providing by the gaming corporation. The features of Shadow Fight 3 are it gives modern 3D graphics, realistic animation and physics and providing them with the opportunity to combine three different fighting styles into your own unique way of playing. It gives a very big collection of weapons and equipment and special shadow abilities, perks and upgrades. A large world map to travelling across that is full of fabulous places and stories. Continue reading

MARVEL Strike Force for PC

MARVEL Strike Force is one of the most trending games in which you have to fight in battle with your friends to defeat your opponents. You have to select the best characters from your huge collection of Marvel Superheroes and if you are a follower of villains then it will also provide your set of Supervillains that you can use to play the game. It will demand strategic skills in order to defeat your opponent in the fearsome battles. You will have all of your superheroes including Doctor Strange, Loki, Venom, Captain America, Iron Man and many others. it’s time to fight by gathering your squad and prove that you are the best leader of the battle. You will see visually stunning graphics in this gameplay that represent real world like situations an object by using high details. You can enjoy it on your smartphones and tablets having an Android operating system. You need to save your earth and defeat the team or clan of supervillains in order to prove your worth in the game and become the hero of the world. Continue reading

MY NBA 2K19 for PC

Do you want to enjoy the latest NBA game on your smartphone? MY NBA 2K19 is the latest release of classical NBA Basketball game. It comes up with a lot of new features and has the ability to scan your face by using your device’s camera and you can create your own Avatar to play the match in this game. It has many other facilities such as provide you with the opportunity to earn virtual currency that you can use in the game later and you can also collect different cards in the game that will unlock many other features of the gameplay. It also provides you with the opportunity to play with your favourite NBA superstars in different challenges and basketball matches. You can also play in its online mode with other players on its server. It has more than 400 new cards available for NBA seasons. You can easily put yourself in your Xbox by using the facility of face scanning. It will come up with many other updated modes that you can enjoy during the gameplay at the weekends. You will also get updates about the events of the game through which you can earn in-game rewards to have to unlock new regions of the game. Continue reading

Garena Fire Free for PC

Garena Fire Free is the most popular survival shooting game that you can enjoy on your Android devices. In this game you have different to play different battles of 10 minutes. Where you started on a remote island with other 49 opponents and you need to survive by defeating them. It gives you the chance to show your shooting skills or to die in the battle. The players start from a aeroplane and they are dropped toward the island. They are free to land anywhere on their favourite spots by using their parachute. Then as quick as you landed on the island you need to find different equipments and weapons. In order to collect these weapons you have to explore different areas of the island and then by using these weapons you need to shoot other players to get more points. Finally at the end of each 10 minute battle or game the player who kills more opponent will win the match and get the highest rank. It also has a scoreboard which features all of the top players that has the highest kills in their gameplays. It uses real like animations with buttery smooth controls that will provide you glitch-free experience which is entirely smooth. Continue reading

DragonBall Legends for PC

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the most famous adventures game available on the internet. It is from the classic Dragon Ball Series. If you are a big fan of Dragon Ball then this game will be your favourite game because it contains many 3D stages in which you can fight with your opponents in one on one fighting mode. You have a set of combos and superpower to win the fight in the tournament. You also have action cards battle in which you can control your favourite Dragon Ball fighters such as Goku, Gohan, Yamcha, Piccolo and many more. You can select any one from them and unlock your combo moves to defeat your enemies. It will give you the facility to compete with any player from different places in the world and its online mode. It will provide you with real-time battles which gives you a lot of joy. You have to power up your characters in order to win the competition and it also has a storyline mode in which you can enjoy the adventurous journey of the game with Goku. Continue reading

Guns of Boom for PC

Guns of Boom is an awesome battlefield game in which you have to fight with your opponents to upgrade your ranks in the battlefield. You have different challenges that give you the experience of real-life battle. In this game, you also have multiplayer modes through which you can enjoy it with your friends. The battle of this game is very engaging and contains different strategic aspects from which you need to pass through in order to win the battle. Its controls are also very smooth and good that will help you to easily move through the game. This game can easily work on your older devices as it does not require much device’s resource in order to run properly. It takes less space on your device and saves your device memory so the overall performance of a device doesn’t get affected. As you know that many other games consume a lot of your memory and you will have to face problem while playing them but this game is design in such a way that it doesn’t consume the resources that drains your device memory so you don’t have to worry about anything while playing it and you can enjoy it to the fullest potential. Continue reading

Grim Soul: Survival for PC

Grim Soul: Survival is the most hardcore survival game on the entire web. It is specially designed for hardcore gamers. In this game, you have to survive in a Dark Fantasy world where you have to explore new lands filled with mysterious places. They are full of different kind of dangers from which you need to survive. You need to craft your resources by collecting new equipment that you found at the different place of the game. You also need to create your own weapons in order to defend yourself from different kind of threats. It also has a battle with plague lands so you need to be prepared for that by crafting all of your deadliest weapons. In this game your castle is your staying place so you have to make it perfect and invulnerable so that no one can enter your shelter without your permission you need to be careful from fearsome intruders that are always ready to smash you at the night time. It also has many other features such as a multiplayer mode in which you can play with your friends by making your team and survive in groups to become the best group of the game. You will be also rewarded whenever you complete new levels and these rewards are in form of coins, prizes and bonuses. This will allow you to unlock new weapons in the game and become stronger survivalist of the Dark Fantasy world. Continue reading

Millionaire Slots for PC

Millionaire Slots is one of the best gambling type games in which you have to try your luck and won the gold. It is one of the most classical games played by many fans all around the world then if you win you will also get bonuses, coins and payouts. Millionaire slots is a game in which you have a classic casino-like environment where you have to select game machines and try your luck and you can also select your favourite characters with which you want to play it will give you the chance to become the next millionaire. The game is mainly created for individuals over the age of 18 and it will provide you the real thrill of gambling that you can experience while playing the game and it is only for entertainment purposes and doesn’t take any responsibility of your other actions outside the game interface is very simple and easy to use it has an amazing feature through which you will get credits in every two hours to play and try your destiny you will also get bonus games recommended by the game it set up is very classically and it will give the timely update that you can observe to stay updated with the game. It also has a variety of gaming machines and different type of games so you can always play the one in which you are the boss. Continue reading