Download BlueStacks v0.6.3

BluestacksBlueStacks is a multi platform  emulator which works from your computer directly to let you run Android applications on your system simultaneously while making them compatible. The BlueStacks had many great features. It has an ability to create / run / delete new instances from each instance. You are not dependent on the default instance. You have the option to rename instance. It gives you an option to create Desktop shortcuts as well which come in quite handy because opening the app and emulating each application every single time you have to use it is tedious, inefficient and time consuming. It has a streamlined engine update process when using manual engine updates. It has recurrent and prompt informative messages on update errors, if any. This is amongst the only apps that lets you stream videos while your game / chats are in progress. Since each one is a different tab, its easy to keep track and switch between them to help you achieve multitasking and therefore by extension, complete efficiency.

BlueStacks v0.6.3 Features

The new v0.6.3 version has a brand new design  for BlueStacks Settings. There has been an added option to submit problem report from the drop down menu directly. There is new user interface for Windows notifications which is controllable through settings User Interface. Reported high CPU consumption issue was fixed by reducing it by a considerable percentage. The memory utilization was also reduced. The function called Fast Boot ( improves boot time on of the app ) was also added.

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