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BluestacksIf you are thinking that android apps cannot run on your personal computer, BlueStacks is here for the rescue. It is an emulator which means the android apps can function in your PC and Macs as well. In 2011,Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf, and Rosen Sharma found out this  BlueStack app player allows android apps to run via Microsoft windows. This app is patented and is mostly used for gaming apps. It is invested by Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and AMD. All the games in app center can be enjoyed in big screen .This app uses Hyper G graphics API’s that provides maximum resolution and refresh rates while playing games. It adjusts itself to the computer’s description to offer the user with the best performance.

Features of BlueStacks v2.2.27.6431

  1. BlueStacks is freely available and till date it is one of the fastest platforms among other emulators
  2. Has advanced optional features which are to be to paid
  3. It can work with external touchpad controls such as mouse, keyboard and others
  4. Almost 95% of apps can work with an emulator on your PC
  5. At a time multiple windows and accounts can be opened. This is called multi instance
  6. It also supports texting apps such a whatsapp etc  and internet browsing can also be done
  7. The games run without any hindrance and are fast

How to download BlueStacks v2.2.27.6431?

  1. Click download button.
  2. Open the executable file and click run
  3. Click continue and select your location
  4. Click install to install bluestack

Download for PC

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