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BluestacksHave you ever wished that all the applications that run smoothly on your android device or iOS device could even work smoothly on your PC without any problems? BlueStacks is an application which can do that for you. When you install the application, it would first ask if your device is android or not, though it won’t cause any problems if your device is not an Android. It would link all the apps that are currently running on your device and you would even be able to download apps from different sites. BlueStacks has an amazing interface which allows all the applications to run on your PC comfortably. BlueStacks can even work properly on low battery and low CPU usage, which means that even if the battery of the device is low, you could still use all the applications in your device. Some of the most important features of this application are stated below.

Features of BlueStacks  v4.0.1.98Beta

BlueStacks can not only work on windows PC but even it works properly on Mac. The alpha version of BlueStacks allows the Mac users to enjoy the android features in their device.
● With the cloud connect feature, you can synchronize your android apps directly to your PC through BlueStacks. It means that you can even play android games on your PC through this application.
● The new features allow the users to play multiple games from multiple Google accounts without any problems.
● By playing games on BlueStacks, you can even earn points which can be further used for the exchange of items.

How to download BlueStacks  v4.0.1.98Beta

You can download this application directly from the link provided below.

Download for PC

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