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BluestacksMost of us wants to run some android apps on a computer sometimes. BlueStacks is a combination of tools that is used to run android apps easily on either windows or MAC computer. This app player enables android apps to run
on PC’s like windows and Mac. BlueStacks company was founded by Vaishnav, Suman and Rosen Sharma in 2009. It actually visualizes an Android operating system. Its basic features are free to use whereas advanced optional features require a monthly subscription.

Features of BlueStacks v4.30.67

 For this app player to run on windows the requirements are Windows XP SP3 or higher, minimum 2GB system memory, 4GB hard disk space and higher capabilities.
 The requirements for Mac OS are macOS sierra, 4GB RAM and hard disk space. It mainly consists of two components.
 They are app player which is used to run the android apps and a cloud connect which is a synchronization tool.
 By interacting with your keyboard or mouse this app player runs an emulated version of android on your PC. This is done once you install it on your PC.
 Cloud connect provides a way of running the synchronizing the apps that can run on an existing phone or tablet with app player.
 Instead of installing too many apps on your device you can install BlueStacks player which has exactly the apps as your device.
 Using this you can stream directly on twitch. You even play, stream and watch videos.
 One can use even non-game applications and this also provides multitasking.

How to download BlueStacks?

If you are disappointed that you can not run android apps on your PC then immediately download this app emulator by a click on the link given.

Download for PC

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