BlueStacks War and Peace: Build an Army in the Epic Civil War

War and Peace: Build an Army in the Epic Civil War is a game which will take you back to the year 1861. In this year civil war is going on in different parts of the country and you have to act as a commander of an army in this game. Become a civil war hero by leading your army in this conquest using real-time strategy. Send your soldiers to the battlefield by building your empire and creating a huge army which comprises different types of soldiers with one motive to fight against your enemies. You can become a hero by demonstrating your power on the battlefield of the Civil War, which is considered as one of the most famous battles in world history. Check civil war battle maps, develop war strategy, optimise battlefield and then fight your enemies and become the legend of the great civil war. Resources are the main thing in this game, the more you will collect, the faster your army will build and develop and then you can fight your enemies without any fear. It takes time to collect resources as they are scarce. To fight your opponent you will be provided with civil war military weapons and artillery from 1861. Continue reading

BlueStacks Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout is an amazing adventurous alien based survival game where you have to survive on the Space Station where you have to stay alive from a deadly Xenomorph, who had already killed and hunted down your entire crew. This game will provide the real thrill of alien adventure where you have to avoid deadly contact with the Alien monster and you also need to survive from the aliens. This game will provide you a unique fear-inducing horror experience that will test the inner nerves of both Alien and horror fans alike where life can end up in a few moments if you lose your focus. The controls of this game are very easy to navigate and you can easily move your character by using the screen of your Android device. It can be easily installed on any Android phone working on Android 4.3 and the later versions. This game also contains various other missions that you can enjoy. You can also get a holographic map surveillance camera and motion tracker equipment so that you can remain hidden and protect your proof from the perfect hunter roaming outside in the shape.

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BlueStacks Modern car racing game:  New Car Games 2020

Modern car racing game: new car games 2020 is one of the most exciting mini turbo car racing game. It is a highway car game with improved graphics and gameplay experience. You can race on the highways of fun races and try out new knockout whirlpool races too. This game will provide realistic graphics including pedestrians walking alongside and traffic cars running down the road of the game. Apart from cars, highways, you will experience gorgeous streets in a beautiful city. Your only objective is to drive a car as long and far as you can in the game.  But this is not going to be easy as there are different hurdles that will give a hard time.  As far the cars are concerned you will get a whole range like different sizes, specifications, appearance, etc. You can choose the car you admire the most. The cars with better handling will let you pass through traffic with much ease, On the other hand one with more speed will run faster than other cars. And this is where the fun begins, there’s a speed limit and if you cross it police cars patrolling the highway will follow and try to arrest you. There’s more to this game, there are collectibles including coins, speed booster and battery charger in car driving fun game. You can spend gold coins to buy new cars and toy trucks in the game or you can upgrade the existing ones. The second mode is a fun toy game in which you have to drive your car with rival racers which are in other toy cars and all you have to do is knock all other cars out to win the event. Continue reading

BlueStacks Infinite arena

Infinite arena is a popular real time game in which you can play with players around the globe. With your own heroes and their special abilities you fight with players. All the exciting battles are played in portrait mode. If you are a fan of real time PvP battle games then infinite arena is made for you. Here you can customize and equip your heroes according to yourself. Each hero has its traits, body parts which make every hero distinct from each other. Make your heroes more powerful by unlocking new traits and skills which will ensure you victory at every match. To unlock the sets of skills and abilities you have to play against the enemy and to play you have to set up your army and unleash them they will automatically clear the stage. Every winner equips you with gold, equipment and items. Complete your battles in PvP ranked league and play with players across the globe. So what are you waiting to download and play in the Infinite arena and conquer its world.

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BlueStacks Ninja Hero – Epic Fighting arcade game

Ninja Hero – Epic Fighting arcade game is a fully adventurous ninja theme fighting game. The development team has taken three years to build this top level adventure fighting game. This game is based on a story which begins as: “the villages of ninja villages lived in peace and with brotherhood. They have not seen any war or flesh or blood in the entire life. But one day some mysterious people kill whole village. The leader of village with a few clues are trying to catch the culprit.” what kinds of secret will be revealed behind this? To know this you have to play the game so check this game out. This game consists of different types of weapons with different upgrade modes of various characters waiting for your exploration. This game majorly consists of four kind of game weapons great sword, bow, dagger, tachi. You will definitely have get amazed by its well-designed levels and creative bosses. Each level in this game opens a new mystery and becomes more mysterious and intense. If you are a fan of fighting adventurous games then this is a perfect suit for you check this game out. Continue reading

BlueStacks Cyber Fighters: Legends Of Shadow Battle

Cyber Fighters: Legends Of Shadow Battle is an action and epic cyberpunk fantasy game. Cyber Fighters is a great combination of role playing (RPG), action game and player versus player. Players who like to play classic fantasy action fighting games, this Cyber Fighter would be a whole new experience. You will be amazed that this game does not require any internet connection, it is an offline cyberpunk game where you can dive in a fantasy world and fight epic battles. There are a total of five distinct cyber fighters from which you can select anyone according to their diversity and battle style. Those 5 unique cyber fighters are named as the punisher of God thunder, cyborg senseless killer, cyber officer swordsman, the queen bee archer assassins and the deathly Shadow panther. This cyber fighter game provides you with incredible graphics of the cyberpunk world. You can also fight against other players from all over the world with online mode. You can even customize your hero with a drone system and costumes. This game has many modes including challenge mode in which you have to fight the endless waves of enemies. Along with the distinct combat style, each hero also has their own comrade-in-arms who will have their own combat style. Fight through the enemies and their bosses and save the cyber city from them. Continue reading

BlueStacks Stickman Warriors – Super Dragon Shadow Fight

Stickman Warriors – Super Dragon Shadow Fight is the best game in the genre of role-playing game. If you want to protect everybody on earth by becoming a hero and fighting with enemies and villains then this game brings you an opportunity to be the one. This game will definitely amaze you with its amazing features and swift handling. Upgrade your level by completing different missions and defeat the enemies more easily. With unique design style and special skill, there are 100+ stickman fighter characters. To get new stickman fighter characters you have to clear levels in a story mode. In a story mode there are over 144+ levels which you have to clear one by one in order to upgrade your character and unlock new characters. In versus mode 3 fights are fought with your favourite opponent and the winner is selected from the result of these three rounds. In tournament mode you have to defeat any person out of 16 finest warriors that may come in your way to reach the top as a new champion. In practice mode you can practice new skills and try out new characters and can also prepare yourself for a new journey. In arena mode you have to fight for your survival and has to face multiple enemies at a time.

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BlueStacks Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors

Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors is the top feature arcade game you will find on any app store. This game is the best choice for you if you love challenging gameplay and great graphics games. This game is compatible with any device. This game comes with the most basic control ever in which you just need to power your Ki, jump, dodge and become ultra-instinct. Fight as a superhero against the invaders and kill them with your ultimate power and ultra-shooting ball skill. This game has different modes which includes story mode, tournament mode, versus mode and training mode. In versus mode you can fight with any of your favourite opponents and win the 3 round battle. Any story more there are different levels which you have to clear one by one and become the hero as you meant to be. In training mode you can train yourself to be a perfect warrior in different characters and also there is no time limit for training more that means you can train yourself for as long as you want to. Different action in this game includes counter skill, attach, teleport, Ki blast, power and block. You can also use special skills to kill your enemies in this game which includes dragon strike, big bang attack, energy ball and death ball.

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ZOMBIE SHOOTING SURVIVAL: Offline Games is a professional Zombie shooting application that you can now enjoy in the offline mode on your Android devices. In this game, you have to survive in the virus outbreak that almost wiped out the entire population of the city and you are forced to fight for survival against zombies you have to challenge yourself inside a zombie apocalypse world. In this Epic shooting game, you also have to train your shooting skills so that you can survive to the last this game also gives you a realistic environment by using real-life physics-based elements. You can also enjoy the best collection of weapons to choose for yourself in order to take down the Deadly zombies you can also build and customize your area. In this game, you do not have to waste your money and time by looking for in-app purchases. All you need to do is you just have to download this game and you will get complete control without having to pay anything. It works fine on all of your mobile phones working on Android 4.4 and later versions.

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BlueStacks Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game

Eyes: Scary Thriller – Creepy Horror Game is a very popular creepy horror game which is now available for your Android phone. In this game, you have to break into the Mansion at night it and then you have to try to escape from the monster which is after you. This is an Ultimate escape Ghost and your Evil game where you can enjoy a terrific survival horror gameplay. This game uses realistic horror sounds to provide you the best in-game experience. You can also discover heart from think error chase and scary creatures in the free atmospheric conditions of this game. You can also so get multiple levels to unlock so that you can enjoy various environments and levels of the game. It also provides you a hand-drawn map that will be your friend to plan your next move in this survival adventure game. You can also get high-quality graphics and animations which will make you feel creepy while playing the game. It requires Android 4.4 and above to properly work on your Android device. It is a lightweight game so you can enjoy it on your lower-end Android phones. Continue reading