BlueStacks Homerun Clash

Homerun Clash is a single player baseball sports game also it is a real time global home run battle   game. In this game you had to hit satisfying homeruns with just the tip of your finger, hit the ball out of the park is the tagline of this game. A total of 10,320,342,720 home runs have been hit in homerun clash, now its your turn to know that how far can you go in this game? This game is all about homeruns. Homerun Clash has diverse game modes that will keep you entertained like it has 1 vs 1 match in which you can compete at various stadiums with unique themes, 4 player battle royal match in which the last one standing takes all the glory, tournament mode in which you can see that how far you can go in the 3 days tournament, practice mode in which you can improve and sharpen your skill which helps to win games continuously, challenge mode in which you can improve your skills by challenging different players from the world, story mode in which you can learn about the backstory of your favourite batter also it has real time championships that are held in cities all over the world. By playing this game you can become the best by dominating the weekly and global rankings. This game has many stadiums and skills which you can use to win the battle against your opponent player. Homerun Clash is offered by Haegin Co.,Ltd. Also the download size of this game is 623 mb. Play this real time battle game and unlock all your different achievements.

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BlueStacks Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most famed games ever, it already has over 30 million downloads and counting. you can also join in on the action by downloading this awesome puzzle game. Basically when you open Candy Crush Saga there is a land of wonders which is the map and you have to start at level 1, there are thousands of levels so you can never get bored of this game and as you progress the puzzles get more complicated which make you think more and do more. In every puzzle you just have to align three similar looking candy in a straight line. Once you do that they will burst and bigger the combo sweeter the reward. You can also use the upgrades that help you solve the puzzles quicker like the candy bomb, color bomb and more. With the recent update now everyday you can spin the wheel of fortune once which will give you exciting prizes. Once you start playing Candy Crush Saga it is very hard to not play as it is one of the most addictive games out there and you will always be craving for more. Continue reading

BlueStacks Sudoku

Sudoku is a single player puzzle game. It is an offline game which helps you to train your brain by solving Sudoku puzzles. This puzzle game consists of 4 different difficulty  levels easy, medium, hard and expert. Sudoku has more then 10,000 puzzles which are absolutely free. It has a very simple and innovative design which is supported in both mobiles and tablets. This game is offered by Easybrain and it was released on 26 November 2017. If you wanted to increase your concentration power and overall brain power then start playing Sudoku. By playing 1 or 2 games of Sudoku daily then soon you’ll observe changes in your brain. It is a self-improvement game as it basically helps in increasing your memory power, concentration power and so much more. You can challenge your brain by trying its different difficulty levels. If you get stuck at some place then you can use its hint feature which guides you to play your next move. It has daily challenges and seasonal events which can earn you extra points and will gradually increase your brain capacity of solving puzzles as you will get better everyday as you play more.

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BlueStacks Dream League Soccer 2021

Dream League Soccer 2021 is a free soccer game which allows you to build your dream team from over 4000 FIFPro licensed player and ID make them match against the world’s best soccer teams. Rice through the 8 division with many features like team customizations, immersive in game commentary, 3D motion captured player moves and many more. Sign up with many superstar players to create your own dream team. Develop your style, train your players and make them match any team that stand in your way as you rise through the ranks. As you make your way to the legendary division, upgrade stadium with world class facilities. This game comes with am improved AI and brand new animations. Soccer 2021 is the best soccer game available on the internet which has Revolutionised the most engaging football experience on mobile. Select and customize your team manager from different options available including outfits and hairstyles. To prove your team is the greatest and the best, work your way through the ranks and compete in events for exclusive prices and in global leaderboards. To win unrivalled rewards, take part in regular seasons. To develop your players physical and technical abilities, you can take help from the coaches.

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BlueStacks Gangster Vegas: World of Crime

Gangster Vegas: World of Crime is a perfect game for you if you are ready to take chances on a life of crime. It is always a crime season for Mafia cartels in the city of Vegas. So in order to survive in the famous Gameloft game, you have to be a real Rockstar. Run non stop in this open game world full of theft, auto racing, clan conspiracies, street fights, gang wars, vice, sniper action, zombie shooting and others which are completely wild and absolutely fun, just like top rated crime movies. Become a part of the Mafia cartel and wage gang wars just like in crime and action movies, Fight night boxing, city driving, full of blasting 6 gun action, Street fights and roaming around the massive open world. Start your crime life by boxing for the Mafia cartels and then soon you will be free on your own and claim real grand prize. Make your own crime clan and send them to fight with other gangs in order to take over the region. Take the car for driving in the city beyond all limits. You never know what you will battle next as waves of tanks, zombie wars and alien wars. Continue reading

BlueStacks GYM Fighting Games: Bodybuilder Trainer Fight PRO

GYM Fighting Games: Bodybuilder Trainer Fight PRO is the part of the famous fighting game, GYM Fighting. In this game you have to defeat your opponent by surviving in the ring and giving no chance to the opponent to stay alive. In this game you are a karate fighter and a gym workout trainer and really want to leave your gang to be a free man but it is not as simple as it seems to be, you have to fight your way out of your gang but defeating them in the ring. It is an adventurous and exciting arcade fighting action game. In this game you will get to experience Kung Fu Tiger battle gameplay, special 3D effects, real fighting styles, thrilling sounds and fighting animations. Against the Kung Fu Street boss, prove your powerful master ninja. Your rivals will use different types of fighting skills which includes Muay Thai, boxing, Kung Fu, Taekwondo and many others. To overcome all your opponents you have to unleash your beast and show your top level fighting skills. Fight with opponents and win the match to earn the points which will simultaneously help you in the progression of your rank.

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BlueStacks Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing is a racing game which will require your real skill, a fearless desire for speed and your instincts. In this game you will climb past your opponents, drift across the dirt, charge through canyons and race around sandhills to reach the finish line. There are more than 50 monster machines available in this game. In a 4×4 monster truck, set your inner beast free. Follow your passion for fast wheels with muscle cars. Or just go wild on the track as you drive a hard hitting pickup, an agile buggy, unstoppable truck, a power packing SUV or a dirt loving rally car. In the custom options, you can pick from 7 available off road vehicles, each with the different specifications and features which you will experience in a gameplay. There is always something new to try out in this game with regularly added updates. All the cars available in this game are from the biggest brands which includes Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet, Predator and many more license motor machines. You can also upgrade your motor sport car to make it faster, Deadly and paint work to make it look awesome.

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BlueStacks World Cricket Championship – 3 WCC3

Are you a cricket lover? Do you want to experience virtual cricket excitement at your home? Don’t wait, Download World Cricket Championship – 3 WCC3 for free and start enjoying this most awarded and most downloaded game offered by nextwave multimedia. This gaming app is continuously updated to make it more realistic to its users. Controls are really very handy and easy to remember so that you hit big and score the maximum. The game is at all levels but what makes it different from others is in game commentary by famous Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden and also India’s most loved commentator Akash chopra. This helps to provide real time experience to the cricket lovers. You can choose through different stadiums located at different places to enhance your experience and also select your pitch type. Play different formats of cricket like, WorldCup, Tri series, Test cricket, ODI’s, Ashes and many more. You can start your career too from domestic to international level, score more and get to the higher levels. Make strategies, Make decisions in between the game and help your team win to achieve points and complete you’re in game goals. Build your own team, manage them to perform better in game. Upgrade your skills, show your best in game and hit the biggest possible to make more runs.

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BlueStacks Words of Wonders: Crossword to Connect Vocabulary

Bored of the normal games, want to have fun and increase your knowledge at the same time? Then, Words of Wonders: Crossword to Connect Vocabulary is the perfect game match for you. In this game you will get to learn many new things which will help you in in improving your spelling skills and vocabulary at the same time. You can play this game anywhere and anytime whether it is a moving bus, train or an aeroplane. This game will help you in building your vocabulary from ground level to the top. In this game, to clear the level you have to find the final solution by connecting the letters. As you discover the wonders filled with challenging levels, Words of Wonders: Crossword to Connect Vocabulary gaming app will test your vocabulary on the way. Climb your way up to reach the top by beginning your journey with the first wonder. As you will level up, the game will start getting more heart, each wonder and level will get progressively harder than the last one. You can even play this game with your friends to increase the fun. This game provides you a simple interface, with the help of which you can easily start your multiplayer game and can team up with friends.

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BlueStacks Warfare: Global Operations – First person shooter

Want to fight in a dynamic battle that awaits you in the universe of the world famous warfare game. Then, Warfare: Global Operations – First person shooter is the perfect game match for you. It comes with an easy to learn controls, amazing graphics and various combat modes. Break into exciting multiplayer PvP battles after creating a unique character. Warfare: Global Operations – First person shooter is designed specifically for mobile devices. Warfare: Global Operations is an actively developing and growing game in which you will find new equipment, character skins, weapons and maps. This game comes with unique events and new game modes from where you can win many valuable rewards. With each update, the team is constantly improving the matchmaking system and the game optimisation. In this game you will get 4 game modes, 7 awesome maps for dynamic PvP battles, more than 20 mini events which change day to day, 15 skins for the character’s appearance, more than 200 types of customizable equipment and weapons and many more in the list which is constantly updating. 4 game modes in this game are Team Deathmatch in which whosoever team reaches the score first, wins. Next is control, in this you have to capture zones to get more points and win the match. Other two remaining are plant the bomb and free-for-all game mode.

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