TEKKEN is the world’s best one on one combat based fighting game. In this game, you have a collection of fighters from which you need to select your favourite one and each of them has their own special moves and combos. You need to select one of them and play in Arcade mode of the game to move your story forward and as you proceed with more players will be unlocked. Every time whenever you defeat the main Boss which usually comes in 10th level a new player can Be unlocked. This game has various special combos which you need to use to win the fight. This game also supports many other gaming modes such as survival mode, multiplayer mode, Team Battle mode, pool ball mod and many more. Each mode of this game has its own difficulty level you need to show your best fighting skills to defeat your enemy. This game was firstly introduced in 1994 and it can still hold its popularity among and many other combat games of modern days. It was also very popular across its users because it is the first fighting game that uses 3D animation within it. The main story of the game is you need to fight a tournament known as Iron Fist and the host of this tournament was Mishima Zaibatsu.

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Download TEKKEN with BlueStacks for your PC

  • Go to network setting and allow internet connection.
  • Step towards your browsing application and Download BlueStacks from it.
  • Then install it on your PC and Download TEKKEN with the help of this app player.
  • Once done then get ready to become the winner of Iron Fist tournament.

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